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Posté par le 21 Nov 2019 dans Anglais

Interview with our Irish assistant about Kenya by Lucas, Thibaud and Raphaël (404)


Hello Stephen !

We are doing an interview about Kenya :

1 - How many children are there in one classroom ?

There are about 20.


2 - What food do the children of Kenya eat ?

They eat arrico and lantil.


3 - How many people live in one house ?

There are 40 people in a house.


4 - Is it expensive or cheap in Kenya ?

The cost of living in Kenya is 48% lower than in France.


5 - Do they have holidays in Kenya ?

School time in Kenya is divided into 3 periods : the beginning of the school year starts at the beginning of January, then the first holidays are in April for 3 weeks, the 2nd break is in August and lasts for 3 weeks before the last 5 weeks of vacation end of November-December.


6 - What games do the Kenyan children play ?

They play football.


7 - What languages do they speak in Kenya ?

The official languages ​​of Kenya are Swahili and English.


8 -Are there a lot of animals in Kenya ?

Yes, there are a lot of animals like girafes, elephants, crocodiles, lions etc…

Thanks very much ! See you next week !